Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are logical servers that are built and hosted through a cloud computing platform over the internet. In addition to the capabilities of traditional servers they can be easily accessed remotely via a cloud service provider. A cloud server from Karmic synergy will allow your website to run at speed. It’s an ideal solution for high traffic websites and will grant you with easily accessible control and modification of content as well as easy uploads.

So why choose a cloud server for your business
over a standard in house server?

  • Cloud servers are cheaper to setup and maintain and require very little network setup by comparison.
  • Cloud servers are very flexible, allowing more room for your business’ growth.
  • Accessibility – cloud servers are easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Workers and colleagues can access the server on their laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Data can be safely backed up as regularly as every 15 minutes, minimizing the danger of lost data
  • Cloud based servers can be maintained by Karmic synergy remotely if required