Cloud Services

What is the cloud?

In simple terms, cloud computing is the storage and accessing of data and programs over the internet, rather than storing this information on your computer’s hard-drive. This can free up space and processing speed of your computer. In principle, the cloud is just another term for the internet. This is how services like Gmail store emails that you can access at any time, but are not stored on your computer’s hard drive.
These cloud services are a great way of sharing and storing data, as well as increasing a network’s processing capacity. They can also be used to host websites without using your valuable bandwidth. What our cloud setups can provide are multiple “nodes” based on your usage, what this basically means is that if one of the cloud server nodes goes down, the others will continue to provide the same service ensuring complete and guaranteed consistency of connectivity. Karmic synergy can provide you with a complete cloud services package tailored to your needs.