Dedicated Data Storage Servers

Karmic synergy provides any size of dedicated data storage servers based on your needs as a business.
These storage servers allow high levels of traffic and data to be accessed, uploaded and downloaded without the requirement of internet based cloud storage (which we also provide) or the storing of data on computers across the network. This freeing up of processing power for those using the data storage server massively increases the speed of the connected computers. The data stored in this way is highly secure due to the hardware being on-site, and can be easily backed up to ensure danger from loss of data is minimalized. Stringent access restrictions can be put in place to limit access to confidential information to those with appropriate level or clearance making it highly secure.
Karmic synergy can build, set-up, integrate and maintain any size and number of dedicated servers for any purpose based on what is required to run your business more efficiently. We can install these servers as part of a new network or to be integrated into a suitable and existing network