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Cloud Backup Services

The perfect server for any modern business

What is Cloud Backup?

Have you ever been in a situation where your physical data storage has failed – resulting in you losing important information?

It’s a worrying concept for any business – but it does happen. The results can be far-reaching and hard to recover from.

Not to mention the fact that manual and physical backups are time-consuming, cost, subject to human error, and frankly, unnecessary in our modern age.

Cloud backup enables you to store all of your business data and files on the internet, rather than on a physical hard drive. Meaning your data is always secure and accessible.

Why Work with Karmic Synergy for your
Cloud Backup Services?

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits that Cloud Storage holds for your business:

Reduce Costs

Cloud servers are much quicker, and therefore cheaper, to set up and maintain than traditional servers. Spend your hard-earned money on other business-critical requirements!

Faster Processing

By sharing and storing data remotely, you massively increase your network’s processing capacity. Cloud Storage can also be used to host your website, without wasting your valuable bandwidth.

Increase Flexibility

Your business naturally changes over time. Achieve your milestones with a cloud server that can develop and grow alongside you.

Worldwide Accessibility

Grow your team with the best people, without geographic restrictions. Cloud Servers are easily accessed from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Ultimate Security

Make security issues, human error, and hardware failure a thing of the past. With a Cloud Server, your data can be safely backed up as regularly as every 15 minutes. Plus, their unique setup ensures consistent and complete connectivity at all times.

Fast Response Time

We can maintain your servers remotely to ensure your information is always safe. Optional 24/7 cover is offered to ensure speedy service, whenever you need it.

Cloud Backup Services

We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality Cloud Backup Services to meet your specific business requirements.
Your package could included 

Backup & Recovery

No matter what kind of business set-up you have, our pioneering technology ensures you have on-demand access to all your data, anytime, anywhere.

Disaster Recovery

Make costly and stressful downtime ancient history. Cloud Backup enables you to recover critical business data instantly, easily, and cost-effectively.


Ensure constant access while cutting primary storage costs by offloading archivable data into the Cloud

Search & Insight

Gain complete visibility of your data with Search and Insight. Manage and action compliance through a centralised control centre.

What you need to know:

Support payments are invoiced monthly

Subject to a 12 month contract

Support hours include phone and online support