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Microsoft 365

A business network for the modern world

What is Microsoft 365?

We’ve all been using Microsoft tools for business for decades now – but do you understand the power and impact these systems can have on your business?

A fully integrated Office 365 setup means that programs and files can be accessed by your team over the internet via a shared network. This is critical for success as a modern business, with remote and hybrid working becoming more common every day. Get ahead of the crowd and set yourself up for success! 

Why Choose Karmic Synergy to help with Microsoft 365?

As Microsoft partners, we offer full setup, installation, integration, and maintenance of a Microsoft 365 system that suits your business needs.

Reduced Costs

Having one integrated system can help you save money across your business

Faster Processing Time

Microsoft 365 offers a truly all-encompassing IT system, which helps your business to function more efficiently.

Easy File Sharing

Work on essential projects seamlessly – no matter where your team are in the world.

Peace of Mind

Work with us and you will sign a comprehensive maintenance contract, so you know that your Microsoft 365 setup is in safe hands.

Our Microsoft 365 Services

Here are just a few of the Microsoft 365 services we offer:

Windows Domain Integration

Stand Alone Setup

Installation & Setup



Cloud Migration






Access (PC only)




Office Lens

Microsoft Teams

Power BI Pro