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Google Workspace Services

User-friendly business support

What is Google Workspace?

Say goodbye to systems headaches when you join the Google Workspace family. Chat with clients on Google Meet, stay connected with your staff on Google Chat, present your pitch on Google Slides or collect feedback on Google Forms. All of this – and much more – can be done using one cohesive cloud-based system.

By using the full power of Google Workspace, you will connect the dots, streamline your business operations, and remove unnecessary, expensive software.

This flexible family of tools enables teams of all sizes to connect and collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. 

Google Workspace offers everything you need to grow and run your business more efficiently.

Why Choose Karmic Synergy for your Google Workspace Services?

Here at Karmic Synergy, we can offer full setup, installation, integration, and maintenance of a Google Workspace system that suits your business needs.

Seamless Setup

We can not only set up your Google Workplace efficiently but also migrate your existing information into your new system. We try to ensure as little interruption or downtime as possible, to keep your business running smoothly.

An Intuitive System

Google Workspace runs on browsers, with all of your work constantly saved and updated in real-time. You can also access extensive information behind the scenes, including Device Management and Detailed Usage Reports, to keep track of productivity.

A Collaborative Approach to Business

You hold the key to who can access your data. Plus, your documents can be edited and worked on by several people at once, taking your team’s productivity and creativity to new heights.

Google Workspace comes with Drive file storage that is not only easily searchable and shareable but can be easily expanded to support your business growth. 

Enterprise-Grade Security

Google Workspace is protected with high-grade cloud infrastructure to keep your data, team, resources, and devices safe. Built-in controls, encryption, and verification remove the need for VPNs. 

Plus, we can keep an eye on your setup from afar and will be the first to inform Google of any issues before they become serious problems.

Implementing Google Workspace for your business and team gives you access to key collaboration tools across the Google Family.