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Interactive Learning Infrastructure  

The customer asked to install 7 newline78 inch touch screen  for a up and coming influx of children in years 4 and 5 infants.  

And on arrival 2 rooms  that were for the up school were now being used for year4 and 5 were to high for children to use so karmic lowered 2 screens so the children could use the screens. 

The other screens were agreed with the customer to lower from 1 metre to 700 mm so that the. Children could use. 

Customer asked for 1 screen to be installed in a design and technologies classroom 3 at the maximum high of 2.1 to the top of the screens. 

All screens were installed with hdmi and usb leads and connected to wifi and screen casting facilities for future use. 

All screen are cover by a 3 year onsite warranty and swap out as they have been installed by a newline  trained installer and the school is also allowed onsite training or remote training for teachers as this is part of the service offered by newline and karmic synergy