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Interactive Learning Infrastructure  

A local primary school got in touch with us to discuss their infrastructure for the upcoming school year. In particular, they were interested in installing a total of 7 newline 78-inch touch screens for an up-and-coming influx of children, we needed technology to enhance the learning of Years 4 and 5 infants.  

On arrival, We identified that 2 of the rooms in the school which were currently being used by Years 4 and 5 were much too high for the children to use. As such, Karmic Synergy made the extra step of lowering 2 of these screens, so that the children could easily use the screens. 

The school agreed to lower the other screens from 1 metre to 700 mm so the children could use them comfortably and ergonomically. We were happy to be able to advise on this aspect. 

The customer also asked for another screen to be installed in Design and Technologies classroom 3 at the maximum height of 2.1 to the top of the screens. 

All screens were installed with HDMI and USB leads for easy of connectivity, and connected to wifi, which facilitated the Smart and Screen Casting facilities for ongoing classroom use.

A 3-year onsite warranty covers all screens, which provides peace of mind should any technical issues arise in the future, this can therefore be replaced. A Newline-trained installer will replace them if required, and the school is also allowed onsite training or remote training for the teachers to be able to use this technology. This comprehensive training and ongoing support package service is offered by Newline and Karmic Synergy.

Should you have any technology requirements for a commercial, residential or educational project, do not hesitate to get in touch with Karmic Synergy today and we’d be happy to discuss.